Abdul Rauf Razzak, Managing Director

"Good judgment is a quality that is founded on extensive experience. My personal heritage within the property sector has evolved across three decades and multiple continents, generating a comprehensive understanding and genuine passion for creating bespoke property developments.

"Our team and indeed our partners have reached a winning formula for relentlessly delivering beyond expectation and for envisaging developments that continue to capture the imagination. We were awarded the prestigious Karachi Port Tower & Marina project due to our unique conceptualisation and creative intellect.

"B&M was founded on the values of hard work, quality and integrity. The B&M team are committed to orchestrating these principles into measurable customer service attributes; a trait that continues to distinguish us within the property market and has emanated B&M's formidable reputation.

"From concept to completion, our projects are fashioned with our Clients' best interests in mind and their satisfaction is living proof of our success".